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2017 HBL Season

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2017 Season

First off, we would like to thank everyone who made the inaugural season of the Home Brew League a success. We couldn’t have pulled it off without the commitment from the teams, our generous sponsors, or the dedication of our local BJCP judges.

In order for the HBL to continue to be successful we must adapt the league to its inevitable growth. While browsing the new website, you are going to notice that changes have been made to the format in order to accommodate the expansion. Below is a summary of what to expect for this years competition.

2017 Changes

A year long commitment is no longer required. The website will be à la cart and challenges can be chosen and purchased separately.

The team requirement has been eliminated and was replaced with the Club Challenges. In the Club Challenges, entries may be brewed as a group or by individual members but only one (1) beer may be turned in.

For those brewers that wanted into the HBL last year, but didn’t have a team, we have created several individual challenges that any homebrewer may enter.

Added Challenges
Multiple challenges have been added and are divided into different categories. Each challenge will have an entry limit and different requirements.

  • Raid the Cellar: High gravity challenges
  • Club Challenges: Homebrew Club competition
  • Specialty Ingredient: Use the ingredients we ship you
  • Style Challenges: Does your mom brag about your IPA? Prove it.
Prizes will be awarded for every challenge.

  • Entires that make the Best of Show (BOS) will receive a $25 gift card to a homebrew store with online sale capabilities.
  • Entries winning best of show will receive a $125 ($150 total) gift card to a homebrew shop as well as a HBL tap handle.

Points and records
Head-to-head records have been eliminated and clubs can now battle it out with other homebrew clubs across the U.S.A.. Points will be awarded to homebrew clubs for every entry that makes the Best of Show round or wins BOS. Brewers must belong to an AHA registered homebrew club in order to earn points for their club.

At the end of the season, we will present the club with the most points with the John Palmer Cup. The cup will remain in their possession until a new champion is crowned.

Earn Cash for your Club

Does your homebrew club want to be part of the HBL? Host a challenge and earn cash for your club.

  • Earn $300.00 for hosting a competition
  • HBL support: Forms, supplies, BJCP registration, and BJCP completion paperwork will be supplied.

Club Requirements

  1. Clubs hosting a challenge must have at least 25 active members.
  2. Clubs must be able to receive bottle entries to an address that will be listed on the HBL website (clubs may enlist their local homebrew store or a local brewery for assistance).
  3. The club must choose an organizer and stewards (assistants) for the challenge. The organizer and stewards may NOT enter the competition. The organizer will be the main contact with the HBL.
  4. The Club is responsible for securing a minimum of 6 BJCP judges and 6 non-BJCP judges that are industry professionals (i.e. Provisional Judges, Professional brewers, Certified Cicerones, etc.). The HBL will provide support.
  5. Club members may NOT judge the competition if they have an entry in the competition.
  6. Clubs must provide a proper judging location.


Mark your Calendars!
The 2017 season will kick off with the Michigan IPA specialty ingredient challenge on May 8th at Noon! Again, the entries will be limited, so make sure you sign up early.The Club challenges will open on May 15th, and the rest of the challenges will open on June 5th (12:00pm EST).Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter for immediate notification of new challenges and updates to the league.

Good luck!