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November’s Kit of the Month: Festivus Holiday Ale

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Festivus Holiday Ale

November’s Kit of the Month

The holidays are here and it is time for drink and cheer. This holiday beer is will warm your tummy on the coldest of nights. Cinnamon and honey additions add complex and flavorful additions to this beer.

Extract Kit… 8.1%ABV and 17.1 IBUs… This Month’s Price: $51.00

Kit Includes: 6.6 lbs golden light liquid Malt Extract, 2lbs of Golden Light Dry Malt Extract, 1.25 lbs steeping grains (Carared, Special Roast, Rolled Oats, Carapils, Crystal 80), 1 oz of Hallertauer Hops, 1 oz of Perle Hops,  Nottingham Ale Yeast, 1lb Honey, Cinnamon Stick, priming sugar, 50 bottle caps, and a muslin bag, and an instruction sheet.

All Grain Recipe… 7.8%ABV and 27 IBUs…This Month’s Price: $31.00

This Recipe Includes: 10bs Local Pilot 2-row Brewers Malt, 8 oz caramel 80l, 8oz carapils, 8 oz Carared Malt, 8oz oats, 8oz special roast, 0.5oz Hallertauer Hops, 1oz Perle Hops, Nottingham Ale Yeast, 1lb Honey, Cinnamon Stick, and a Beersmith Printout

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