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Who and What We Are

Ben loves beer. I needed to change my career path. That is the short version on why we are opening O’Connor’s Home Brew Supply. When we decided to move to Grand Rapids, we wanted to make sure that we could incorporate as many local aspects as possible and become a community-based shop*. O’Connor’s is a small business, and that is exactly what we think is best for us and our customers. It was never appealing to us to offer a warehouse of endless supplies. Instead, we are embracing the small, local business feel that is desired in Grand Rapids.

We want our shop to serve every level of home brewer in Grand Rapids. One area that we are focusing on are the people who are new to brewing. It can make you rather anxious when you are interested in a new hobby, but you are not sure where to start. You may be concerned about the time it takes, the costs associated with it, and what the outcome will be. Basically, you may be wondering, “Is it worth it?” Our answer is “Yes, it is more than worth it.” We want everyone to be comfortable with coming in and asking questions on how to get started. If you have already been brewing, we want you to come in and explore new recipes or techniques. If we do not have the answer that you are looking for, we can surely get it for you.

As I have watched Ben brew beer over the past several years, I have learned that home brewing is a passion and lifestyle for many people. I feel like it is our job to feed that passion and help in the growth of such a wonderfully satisfying hobby. When you come into our shop you will see some of our passions. Of course, there is beer and wine making supplies. But, we also want our love for history, especially the Prohibition Era, to show through. Americans have always found a way to keep their love for alcohol alive, and I think that home brewing is a way to keep that personal connection to alcohol.

We ask that you stop by and see us. Ben will be there to help you get started or get your ingredients for your next batch. I will be there with my Southern charm that will hopefully make you feel welcome at O’Connor’s Home Brew Supply.

Allison O’Connor

O’Connor’s Home Brew Supply

*All of the shelving and wood work was done by Matt Sutton, a local carpenter.

*Our website and logo were designed by Two Shoes Media, a Grand Rapids business.

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