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The following article was written by our custom woodworker Matt Sutton. He built our shops point of sale counter, mill table, and shelving units. He did a wonderful job I might add. If you would like to get a hold Matt just look for his contact info at the bottom of the article.

Ben and I had been talking for some time about the home brew shop. Once the location had been determined, we began to plan the actual layout of the shop. It’s an old building with some great historic appeal and character. When we got in though there was much that needed to be done. The space was bare bones and in need of all of the trim and a few new doors. It was not only the shelving and casework, the interior needed to be completely revamped. There were certain considerations that we were contemplating: there needed to be ample room for display and storage, it needed to look great and be functional allowing them to be able to change and grow with the requests of new equipment and supplies. After we settled on the plan, I came in and got to work on the space. After plenty of time and elbow grease we are all happy with the results and we are sure that you will too. Come on in and take a look.
With over 50 linear feet of wall cases that are 8 and a half foot tall and center shelving that is 6 foot tall, all of which is fully adjustable from top to bottom, there are a wide variety of arrangements. You will find ample room for, and easy access to, all of the supplies that you need. One of the most fun aspects of the build was the custom designed and built grain mill. I spent hours looking over other designs but nothing seemed to fit. I visited a few other shops and was not impressed with the setups. I scrapped all of the ideas and started from scratch. After several discussions with Ben about what the functionality of the piece needed to be, I got to work. The mill is awesome and I cant wait for home brewers like you to give it a crank.

I enjoy the collaborative process and it was a pleasure to work with Ben and Allison to bring their dream into the world. If you have a special brew or non brew related project, feel free to contact me to talk it over.

Matt Sutton

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