Making wine at home is sooooo easy!

How to Make Wine From a Kit

It’s very easy to make delicious wine from the variety of kits that we offer. All of our wine kits produce 6 gallons of wine which is about 30 750ml bottles.

Equipment Needed:

  • 7.9 gallon fermenting bucket with airlock

  • 6 gallon glass carboy with bung and airlock

  • Bottling bucket with bottling wand

  • Auto-Siphon or racking cane

  • Hydrometer

  • Wine corker

  • Wine thief

  • Bottle and carboy brushes

  • A large spoon for stirring

Each wine will have a different recipe or process, but the general steps are:

  • Read through the directions included with the wine kit.

  • Put together ingredients in the sanitized fermenting bucket

  • Ferment in primary bucket for 14 days. Generally, red wines should ferment at 70-80 degrees and white wines should ferment at 70-75 degrees. Temperatures below or above these can cause the yeast to drop out and halt fermentation, as well as cause off-flavors.

  • After the gravity has dropped to 1.020 or below, rack the wine off the yeast into a sanitized carboy. Add fining agents included with the kit.

  • Allow wine to condition in the carboy for two weeks. If you wish to age the wine for longer, rack again to another sanitized carboy to move wine off of finings.

  • Once the wine has reached the final gravity estimated by the kit, you may bottle.

  • Enjoy your homemade wine!

Estimated Costs:

  • If you brew beer, you will only need to pick up certain items (corker, ingredients, etc).

  • For those of you with no equipment, you can get a custom O’Connor’s equipment kit for $140. Ingredient kits start at $65 (remember, you will get about 30 bottles of wine!)

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