In a hurry? Email us your recipe

We know that many of you have busy schedules, and we want to help. You can email us your recipe list, and we get everything ready for you to pick up.  It works great for both parties.  Just let us know the grains (and if you need them milled), hops, yeast, and whatever else you need (muslin bags, priming sugar, bottle caps, etc) and we can get it together for you.  If we do not have a particular item, we will email you back with ideas for substitutions.  It’s that easy!    We are all about helping our customers and providing the best customer service possible.

DME comes in 1 and 3LB bags

All LME comes in 3.3LB jugs.

Pellet and Whole Leaf hops come in 1oz packages.

Grain can be weighed out however you need it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Email:  orders@oconnorshomebrew.com

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