Fogo De Chao Lunch Hours

Fogo De Chao Lunch Hours

Fogo De Chao Lunch Hours – A Guide for Austin Food Enthusiasts

Fogo De Chao is an upscale Brazilian chain that offers a unique dining experience featuring all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside and an extensive salad bar. With its convenient location in Austin, Texas, it has become a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Lunch Hours at Fogo De Chao

If you’re planning to visit Fogo De Chao for lunch, it’s important to know their operating hours to ensure a smooth dining experience. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 10 PM throughout the week, allowing for flexibility in scheduling your visit.

During lunch hours, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a delightful assortment of meats and a wide variety of salad options at the market table. Fogo De Chao takes pride in offering a great selection of high-quality cuts, ensuring a delicious and satisfying meal for its patrons.

Address and Contact Information

Location Contact Number Website
The Austonian, Austin, Texas (512) 472-0220

Waiting Time and Busyness

When planning your visit to Fogo De Chao, it’s always helpful to know the expected wait time and level of busyness. Based on customer reviews, the restaurant tends to be busiest during dinner hours, especially around 7 PM.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, it’s recommended to visit during off-peak hours such as lunchtime. During this time, the restaurant is usually not too busy, ensuring a more relaxed dining experience.

Fogo De Chao Lunch Hours


Customer Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews that offer insights into the dining experience at Fogo De Chao:

  • “Great selection of meats and assortment of salad options at the market table!” – Ravi Singh
  • “Low-quality flavorless meat, small pickings at the salad bar, slow service.” – Yianni Nikolaou
  • “The bacon-wrapped chicken just melts in your mouth, it was so soft and juicy.” – Anna Ramos

These reviews give you a glimpse into the varied experiences that patrons have had at Fogo De Chao. While some have been delighted by the quality of the food, others have expressed disappointment in certain aspects of their visit.

Other Brazilian Dining Options in Austin

If you’re in the mood for more Brazilian flavors, Austin offers a range of other dining options. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Espadas de Brazil Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Casa do Brasil Steak
  • Boteco Brazilian

These restaurants provide an opportunity to explore different Brazilian cuisines and indulge in a diverse range of flavors.

Fogo De Chao Lunch Hours


Frequently Asked Questions For Fogo De Chao Lunch Hours

How Much Is A Person At Fogo De Chao Houston?

The price per person at Fogo de Chao Houston varies. Please check their website or contact the restaurant directly for current pricing information.

What Are The Lunch Hours At Fogo De Chao?

Lunch hours at Fogo De Chao are from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

Is There A Private Dining Room Available?

Yes, Fogo De Chao offers a private dining room for special events.

Are Reservations Required For Lunch?

Reservations are recommended for lunchtime due to popularity.


Fogo De Chao in Austin is a perfect destination for meat lovers and food enthusiasts looking to experience authentic Brazilian cuisine. With its extensive menu and inviting atmosphere, it offers an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re visiting for lunch or dinner, knowing the operating hours and expected busyness can help you plan your visit accordingly. Enjoy the delicious meats and salad options at Fogo De Chao!

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